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Astrology and Human Design online school and mentorship

In Astrology and Human Design, we’re breaking down your thought and behaviour patterns - just like therapy.

Audio courses, articles and mentorships to encourage you to get to know yourself a little better

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I know some HD stuff. And, sure, I could/can/do learn lots on my own or in general. But your gift is that you can see someone whole. You can take yourself out of it (as in your perception or judgment or subjective interpretation) and give a 360 view. That’s my visual for the experience in my reading. You gave me my world and I could stand in the middle.

- Lex, Libra Projector



the academy

The Academy is the audio-based digital school that guides you through your natal chart and Human Design. Audios are customized to offer you insight about your uniqueness, with new courses and tools uploaded on the regular to support your expansion. Learn about yourself, your loved ones, and how to deeply understand yourself.

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Are you looking to make change in your life? I work with a limited number of one-on-one mentorships each month. Whether you’re looking to develop your business, romantic life or spiritual life, I help you catalyze self-illumination. With Astrology and Human Design based coaching and my Manifestor Energetic, I welcome you into a coaching relationship with me. I work with all the Energy Types, but Projectors I want you to know I see you winking at me!

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chart reading

Want to understand your charts and what makes you unique? I offer customized chart readings; an hour-long audio of your natal chart and Human Design, with a PDF to follow along with. This is great for those who are total newbies, beginners, and even with an intermediate level of astrological and energetic understanding.

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I just want to thank you for my reading. I have listened to it a few times and each time I digest something new. Your wisdom is spot on. What you remark upon helps me to validate things I’ve been feeling. It’s great to have an outside, objective point of view. Because I have been so focused on everyone else in my life, I have completely lost sight of what I want and need. I love the way you present the info and I will definitely use your advice to tap into my sacral by asking questions and responding with yes or no sounds.

- Jill, Cancer Generator