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The Academy
Encouraging you through Astrology and Human Design by Vaness Henry


The Academy

Audios, articles and support to encourage you to get to know yourself a little better

by Vaness Henry

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Nutrition Course, Human Design with Vaness Henry


The Nutrition Course is now available!

How are you designed to nourish yourself? In Human Design, nourishing our bodies is more than the food we put in our mouths; how we feed ourselves is just as important. What are the unique conditions and circumstances that you are designed to access in order to nourish yourself correctly? The Nutrition Course will radically transform the way you look at nourishing your body and your brain system.

Are you designed to eat with music or conversation? Are you designed to eat one thing at a time? Are you designed to eat after dark? Are you designed to eat a hot or cold diet?

Access to the Nutrition Course and the 36 Dietary Regimens is available to members only.



The Academy guides you through your Astrological profile and Human Design so you can step into your highest potential.

it’s time to read our fine print.

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Vaness Henry is an Astrology and Human Design expert


Vaness Henry

I’m going to level with you; if you’re curious and committed enough, you can find information about all kinds of self-awareness modalities online. Tarot. Breathwork. Numerology. Astrology. Human Design. Somewhere out in the digital realm, someone wrote an article about your North Node and how to work with your Human Design Inner Authority.

I’m a writer, and I’ve written some of those articles for wellness websites. I got my writing start as a magazine journalist and art director, expanding into fiction and poetry and becoming a wellness columnist.

I began to offer Chart Readings of astrological profiles and Human Design bodygraphs based on request. But I’m more excited by teaching others how to do something for themselves, rather than doing it for them.

That’s just the way I’m designed.

I’m a digital studies university instructor, and as I continued teaching classes IRL and online, I watched and participated in the changing technology around us. My experience teaching inspired me to create a visually stimulating online world, that supported learning strategically about not-so-strategic subjects: Astrology and Human Design.

These subjects come from my personal interest in them after cancer eclipsed my life. I lost a parent to cancer as a child, and went through my own diagnosis at 16. These experiences made me feel out of control, out of hope, and wondering why?

Participating in my own self-awareness process, I developed an Astrology and Human Design resource using voice notes instead of articles and slides. I wanted to create an art form — a soul expression, rather than something too heavy.

I call it the Academy - a place of study in a specific field.

The Academy will guide you through decoding your own energy in order to deeply understand yourself and align with your personal truth using Astrology and Human Design.

I want to create a world for you that inspires you to look at yourself with the wonder of a child: with awe.



I just want to thank you for my reading. I have listened to it a few times and each time I digest something new. Your wisdom is spot on. What you remark upon helps me to validate things I’ve been feeling. It’s great to have an outside, objective point of view. Because I have been so focused on everyone else in my life, I have completely lost sight of what I want and need. I love the way you present the info and I will definitely use your advice to tap into my sacral by asking questions and responding with yes or no sounds.

- Jill, Cancer Generator

 Course Basics

View a few of the Core Courses in The Academy

With more than 350 mins of Astrology audios, and more than 350 mins of Human Design audios

Moon Sign Course, Astrology with Vaness Henry


Moon Sign

Decode your emotional landscape

Your Essence Course, learning your Human Design type with Vaness Henry


your essence

How to work with your Design Type

Inner Navigation System Course, Human Design with Vaness Henry


Inner Navigation System

How to work with your inner authority

Chiron Course, Astrology with Vaness Henry



Heal your Deepest Wound

North Node Course, Astrology with Vaness Henry


North Node

Analyze your life theme

Environments Course, Human Design with Vaness Henry



Learn your best energetic space to thrive

Detangling Course, Human Design with Vaness Henry



How to work through your conditioning

Saturn Return Course, Astrology with Vaness Henry


saturn return

Analyze Your Great Life Lesson



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To enroll in The Academy and have the most accurate results possible, you’ll need to know your date of birth.


* Important *
You’ll also need to know the exact time you were born, while being mindful of am and pm times.


You’ll also need the city you were born in, or the nearest large city if you were born somewhere with a small population.




Understand yourself and your energy in a new way. Put yourself under the metaphorical and cosmic microscope, and get ready to feel inspired by what you find there. Remember: we are aware we are “aware” now, and we can consciously participate in our own evolution and growth. Let’s study your charts!