Frequently asked questions about the Academy

Will you be adding closed captioning or transcripts for your hearing impaired audience?

Unfortunately all the courses are audio-based without a visual component. Sorry this sucks! It is something I will look into in the future, but it is currently unavailable at this time.

are there new courses coming out?

Yes! You can see upcoming courses becoming available on the Courses Page. I don’t release what dates they come out on, but I do give heads up to enrolled students and through my social media channels.

should I enroll or book a reading with you?

It depends. If you are busy, or tired, (or for any reason really) but want access to insight about your charts, booking a reading with me may be more effective. If you feel like you want to commit to understanding yourself by exploring various depths that I couldn’t cover in a reading, sinking deeper and deeper into yourself, enrolling is a better option for you.

Can I enroll in something less than 12 months?

Unfortunately I do not offer in between enrollment at this time.

If i enroll for access to this information can I cancel at a later date?

No. All enrollment payment plans are final and can not be undone once you’ve committed. By enrolling you commit to your payment plan through Memberspace.

I’m enrolled but I’m not receiving monthly cosmic insight. What’s up?

Hmm, you should be receiving cosmic reports with your enrollment! Please check your junk mail to see if they’ve accidentally gone there. And if that doesn’t offer anything, please connect here to make sure we have the correct email address on file for you. Sometimes typos happen. Sometimes glitches happen. We’ll fix it and get you hooked up.

My course audio isn’t playing. What do I do?

Try refreshing your page, or logging out and logging in. If you have a slow or busy internet connection that could be slowing down your playback speed. Try connecting to a different wifi connection if possible. I do want you to know, that most times poor wifi is the cause. Try listening to another course audio to see if you are receiving playback on any audios. If not, you’ll need a stronger wifi signal. If you’ve tried on various connections — strong wifi is imperative! — and have not had success, please connect here to let me or a tech team know so we can fix the audio.

I listened to a recording where it cut out and stopped playing. What do I do?

Connect here to let me or a tech team know which audio is playing this way. We will look into it and correct the problem. Thanks for letting me know!