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Encouraging you through Astrology and Human Design by Vaness Henry




24 min listen
best paired with mindful listening

Self-Realization Course, Human Design with Vaness Henry

This is a good audio to listen to when you’re trying to understand someone else - or yourself!



Understanding how your specific energy flows with all the other energies around you

Wondering where you fit in? It’s important to grasp the way your specific energy flows in the current with everyone else.

Our experience here can tangle us up in knots, confusing us, and incorrectly teaching us that we should be like someone else; like another one of the energy types. This sucks. We’re each great as we are! Your energy is so unique; trying to distort it so it mimics someone else is a devastating tangle that many of us get trapped it. Unleashing your true self not only helps you, but it helps us all.

To help us detangle, it’s important to understand where you fit into the energetic cycle, and how the other four energy types actually need you to be you in order for them to thrive, too. We’re all in this together. 

In this audio, we’ll dissect how your energy flows with all the other Human Design Types.




You’re unique! But so is everyone else out there. What works for you may not be what works for them. When you objectively observe any areas of anger, frustration or bitterness that you have felt recently, intimately ask yourself if you are trying to control the output of someone else’s energy. Sometimes, when someone doesn’t do something the way we would or the way we want them to, we can feel resistance. But we are only responsible for our own energy, not theirs.

The next time you feel anger, frustration or bitterness, take a moment to assess if you’re trying to control someone else’s energy instead of only controlling your own.