Frequently asked questions about working one on one

coaching FAQ


Is Coaching right for me?

Entering into a relationship-focused coaching partnership with me will take some contemplation. I’m not here to refine or enhance you energetically, but I am designed to IMPACT and create a spark within you so you can begin to move in a healthier direction. Part of my speciality is analyzing all the moving parts to your life and how they work together and where they could go. For some of my clients, we create sparks in their business so their ideas can take off, and for others we focus intimately on understand their suffering and how this impacts their relationships. And sometimes, a client comes with a specific desire, and we uncover through their charts that there is something deeper going on that needs to be brought up for air. We used Astrology and Human Design as our impact tools to understand yourself on a deeply spiritual level so w can actually transform your physical life. It’s truly awakening, creating big change in your life.

Can I still get Coaching if I don’t know my birth time?

No. I do need to know your birth time in order to calculate your charts. Sometimes it can be hard to track down your birth time for various personal reasons. I have discovered an option: you can contact the Records Department of the hospital you were born, and get their mailing information. In written request you can ask to be sent your birth information including your specific birth time. A letter will be mailed back to you. In some cases, Records Departments do not keep birth information. I think this is wrong and they should. If we ask for this information we can make it more important information to obtain in our culture.

How specific does my birth time need to be?

Please resist the urge to round up your birth time. For example, some people tell me they’re born at 11:45PM, when in fact they were born at 11:38PM. Though this may seem insignificant, on the Human Design side of calculations, this can really alter some of the deeper aspects in your chart. Please do your best to get your EXACT birth time.

How long does Coaching last?

Coaching contracts are one month long. Should you want to work together in the future again, I offer a loyalty discount of $100 off.

Will you do Coach my child?

I think you can be your child’s coach! I only offer coaching to those who are over the age of 18.

Can I choose which month to enter a Coaching relationship with you?

In the final week of each month, I open up coaching for the upcoming month. First, coaching spots go out to my waitlist, and then I open them up to the public. I only take a limited number of clients per month as to maintain an intimate connection with them and their charts. If you’re interested in coaching you can always connect with me and I will add you to the upcoming month’s wait list.

Do you offer payment plans for Coaching?

If you need a payment plan please connect with me to discuss to see if we can work something out that accommodates your finances and personal situation.