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Astrology and Human Design online school and mentorship


Relationship-focused Astrology and Human Design based coaching

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I wanted to say thank you so much, so deeply, thank you. Within the first 30 seconds of listening to my reading, I knew what you provided would change my life. I'm so thankful for your work and art that you put so much passion into. For awhile, my inner self would tell me things, but I couldn't decipher if it was my soul talking to me or my thoughts. YOU have given me reassurance that I can listen to that inner voice. YOU have changed my life. YOU have changed the way I feel about myself. YOU have given me a foundation that I can build from. I am sending so much light and love to you and your family wherever you are. YOU are so important, and YOU will evolve many souls in your lifetime.

-Nadira, Virgo Projector




What the world needs right now is a reminder that we are in relationships with each other — with the planet, with each other, and most importantly with ourselves. Whether you’re craving deep transformation to help you get unstuck, to reconnect, or to take charge of the course of your life, I want to invite you into a coaching relationship with me using Astrology and Human Design as our accountability tools.

Using Astrology and Human Design based guidance, you are allowing me to immerse into your life so I can understand you on a deeply spiritual level, and together we can chart an empowered life for you.

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What’s included

Enroll in the Astrology and Human Design Academy with Vaness Henry

Academy Enrollment

Upon booking, you will be instantly enrolled into my Astrology and Human Design Academy for a one-month membership. Your invitation will be sent to your email. I will connect with you within 1-2 days.

$300 VALUE

Astrology and Human Design reading with Vaness Henry


As our first step is calculating your charts so I can begin to get an understanding of who you are. You receive a Chart Reading from me before our first call. You can keep this forever.

$200 VALUE

Weekly one on one calls with Vaness Henry


We will connect for a weekly hour-long call to get clear, and manifest your highest potential using Astrology and Human Design. I will keep you accountable my Manifestor energetic.

$500 VALUE



I am so excited to implement the practical tools you suggested (I so so needed it) and learning more about my channels! The projection invite of energy explanation was also great to hear and learn about… it has been on my mind for awhile of thinking of how projectors get invites for career opportunities. So appreciative of the work you do, it has really been transformational for me learning more about my human design.

- Ashley, Scorpio Projector




Astrology and Human Design based Coaching is offered in monthly increments

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Our Coaching Sessions together

Over four weeks, we will begin or intensify your deconditioning process, and initiate change and direction in your life. We will work through actionable steps to continue once our sessions are complete.

Upon booking, a form will pop up asking you about your requested areas of support, along with access to important information such as your contact information, and birth date, birth time (exact) and birth city and country. I use this information to calculate your charts and begin studying them. I will then connect with you to coordinate our sessions according to our schedules, and will begin work on interpreting your charts before our first session together.

Should you wish to book any additional sessions after your initial month, you will receive a loyalty discount of $100 on all future sessions. All sessions can be booked using Paypal/debit or any major credit cards.


60 min weekly sessions
one month commitment

I only accept a small number of one-on-one clients at a time, in order to maintain focus, connection, and intimacy with those I’m working with.

$399 USD


Due to the nature of our work, all sales are final.



about vaness

I’m a Libra Manifestor - designed for balance and impact. My professional career began in journalism and art direction, and then deepened into publishing literary works, motivational speaking and advocacy, and moving into teaching at the University of Winnipeg and Red River College. I’m able to deliver self-awareness studies with precision thanks to my background in storytelling, teaching and being an Ego (heart) Authority Manifestor. After a complex childhood of losing a parent to cancer and also suffering through a childhood cancer diagnosis, I became absorbed in the study of energetics and how to intimately contemplate the relationship between body and consciousness. I have woven this study within each of my careers, continuously analyzing and understanding, but ultimately succumbing to the poetry and healing within it.

You can find my stories and poetry in bookstores, and in the Manitoba Legislative Library’s Rare and Heritage Collections. Published under the nom de plume Van Kunder. Find me on instagram @vanesshenry.


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