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Gates & Channels


6 min listen
best paired with mindful listening

Gates and Channels Course, Human Design with Vaness Henry

This is a great audio to listen to in order to grasp the structure of your bodygraph, so you know what information to seek out in Chetan Parkyn’s book.



Understanding where and how your energy flows within you, and how that affects your reality

In this audio, you will hear an explanation of how to interpret the Human Design bodygraph and what all those black and red lines mean! You will not hear information about specific gates and channels, though I will offer you a reliable resource that I use to understand what the lessons and information are that belong to each Gate and Channel.

This is helpful in understanding how your energy interacts with another person’s energy when looking at your two charts.

To learn specifics in your chart, I recommend downloading this book by Chetan Parkyn. It offers a break down of each Gate and Channel. You can also find it on my Tools Page.


Learn more about your Activated Gates

Look to your activated Gates in your bodygraph, and learn what they mean by reading these helpful resources below

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Mental fears and anxieties in the Ajna, Human Design with Vaness Henry

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Have you ever met someone and you felt an instant pull to them? Sometimes we meet other energies and things just click! If you meet someone who has a Gate that connects to one of your Gates on the other side of the Channel, you’ll have a spark! The more connections, the more sparks.

The next person you speak to, do your best to pay attention to how you feel in their energy.