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Enrollment in the Academy is a twelve month commitment to connect with me, study yourself with support, and connect to the pulse of the universe. When you enroll you receive my 2019 Moon Calendar; a helpful annual resource that lets you know about cosmic shifting, full moons, retrogrades and more, and access to my monthly cosmic reports straight to your inbox so you know how to energetically and cosmically prepare for the month ahead while you’re learning about yourself and those you love. All content lives online and is not available for download; without enrollment, you won’t be able to access this course information! Let’s figure out who you are in the eyes of the universe.

$25.00 USD / MONTH

twelve month enrollment

monthly payment commitment for one year

Here’s what’s included.

2019 Moon Calendar
Monthly cosmic insight straight to your inbox
Over 350 minutes of Astrology audios to learn the depths of your natal chart
Over 350 minutes of Human Design audios to understand your unique energy
Instant access to all Astrology and Human Design courses
Instant access to all new courses (view coming soon courses) as they become available


All sales are final. No refunds or cancellation of payment plans will be processed.
By enrolling you agree to commit to your selected package.

i encourage you to expand the awareness you learn about yourself onto those around you that you love, becoming more aware of how to best support their unique energy, too.

what’s your lover’s human design type?
what’s your child’s chiron wound?
is your bff going through her saturn return?
who do you have electromagnetic connections with?