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Encouraging you through Astrology and Human Design by Vaness Henry




27 min listen
best paired with mindful listening

Detangling Course, Human Design with Vaness Henry

This is a good audio to listen to whenever you need a reminder about the way out of your entanglement.



How to identify and untie the knots that the world has tangled us in

How do I live my truth? How do I become clearer? In this audio, you will hear my explanation of external influences of our world and how they have both intentionally and unintentionally tangled us up in knots. These knots can feel strangling and make it hard for us to move in the direction our essence craves.

The way out of the knots is first becoming aware of them, and then consciously pausing to assess the knots to understand how they are woven together. Detangling isn’t about thrashing our way out of them, because this can accidentally tug them tighter. 

With both awareness and deeply understanding your inner navigation system, we can consciously untangle and shake ourselves free, unleashing our authentic self.




We are unaware of most of our conditioning and entanglement. As we continue to learn more about our energy, we access layer after layer of deep conditioning. Detangling from this network of misguided teachings takes time, and strengthening our awareness of Self begins with the breath. I love Ashley Neese’s book How to Breathe, and Muse the Meditation Headband to support my efforts in caring for my spirit.

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