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Encouraging you through Astrology and Human Design by Vaness Henry

One-on-One Coaching

Astrology and Human Design based coaching

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Astrology and Human Design based coaching with Vaness Henry

a fresh approach to coaching

What the world needs right now is a reminder that we are in relationships with each other — with the planet, with each other, with the woman who serves us coffee at our favourite shop. We are living, breathing, feeling human beings, with expanding needs and capabilities that we need to lovingly address and bring into the mainstream.

Whether you’re craving deep transformation to help you get unstuck, to reconnect, or to take charge of the course of your life, I want to invite you into a coaching relationship with me using Astrology and Human Design as our accountability tools. I’m offering a spiritual relationship that we will treat as sacred, connecting my Manifestor energy to your unique energy.

Using Astrology and Human Design based guidance, you are allowing me to immerse into your life so I can understand you on a deeply spiritual level, and together we can chart an empowered life for you.


We are starved for real, radical, intimate relationships; starved for someone who actually hears us; starved for someone who actually sees us; starved for someone to hold us in our pain and confusion, and lovingly guide us forward.

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I wanted to say thank you so much, so deeply, thank you. Within the first 30 seconds of listening to my reading, I knew what you provided would change my life. I'm so thankful for your work and art that you put so much passion into. For awhile, my inner self would tell me things, but I couldn't decipher if it was my soul talking to me or my thoughts. YOU have given me reassurance that I can listen to that inner voice. YOU have changed my life. YOU have changed the way I feel about myself. YOU have given me a foundation that I can build from. I am sending so much light and love to you and your family wherever you are. YOU are so important, and YOU will evolve many souls in your lifetime.

Nadira, Virgo Projector
Astrology and Human Design based coaching with Vaness Henry


What is included in One-on-One Coaching?

Enroll in the Astrology and Human Design Academy with Vaness Henry


Upon booking, you are instantly enrolled into my Astrology and Human Design Academy for a one-month membership. When your sessions with me cease, you will have the option to maintain access to all course material so you can continue discovering yourself as new courses become available.

$300 VALUE

Astrology and Human Design reading with Vaness Henry


As our first step together to help me intimately understand your energy and seek insight into where you need support, I will read your astrology and Human Design charts. I will send you a beautiful PDF booklet, and an audio recording that dissects your charts. You can keep this eye-opening reading forever.

$200 VALUE

Weekly one on one calls with Vaness Henry


We will connect for a weekly hour-long call to talk about the wisdom in your charts, your current struggles, and how to effectively manifest the life you want using Astrology and Human Design. I will keep you accountable, and help you align with your highest expression using these modalities and my intuition as a Manifestor.

$500 VALUE



I am so excited to implement the practical tools you suggested (I so so needed it) and learning more about my channels! The projection invite of energy explanation was also great to hear and learn about… it has been on my mind for awhile of thinking of how projectors get invites for career opportunities. So appreciative of the work you do, it has really been transformational for me learning more about my human design.

- Ashley, Scorpio Projector




60 min weekly sessions
one month commitment

Astrology and Human Design based coaching with Vaness Henry

I only accept a small number of one-on-one clients at a time, in order to maintain focus, connection, and intimacy with those I’m working with.

$399 USD


one-on-one Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are offered in one-month commitments. Over four weeks, we will begin or intensify your deconditioning process, initiate change and direction, and measure your transformation with exciting tools. You will also receive actionable steps to continue this work once our sessions are complete. You will also have the option to maintain access to the Astrology and Human Design Academy at a discounted rate.

Upon booking, a form will pop up asking you about insight into your current situation and requested areas of support, along with access to important information such as your contact information, and birth date, birth time (exact) and birth city and country. I use this information to calculate your charts and begin studying them.

I will then connect with you to coordinate our sessions according to our schedules, and will begin work on interpreting your charts before our first session together.

Should you wish to book any additional sessions after your initial month, you will receive a loyalty discount of $100 on all future sessions. All sessions can be booked using Paypal/debit or any major credit cards.


Due to the nature of our work, all sales are final.

Vaness Henry
Vaness Henry at Prairie Yogi BLOOM Festival, photo by Monique Pantel
Vaness Henry

What’s unique about me

As a Manifestor in Human Design, I have impactful energy that is designed to initiate the energies around me. I’m not here to refine you or enhance you. Rather, I’m here to ignite a spark within you that helps you step into your power, realize your strengths, and connect you to your highest potential. These are all things that already exist within you, and I want to show you where they are. We will be using my expertise in astral and energetic tools, and my skills outlined below.

Motivational Speaker
My speaking career began over a decade ago when I became a motivational speaker with the Canadian Cancer Society. As a cancer survivor, I underwent cancer treatment at a young age, and quickly moved into spreading awareness about the impact of cancer on young people, families, the financial burdens of illness and more. I began to specialize in spreading body awareness in young women, traveling to elementary and high schools throughout the Canadian Prairies. Now, I speak regularly about modern wellness, leading inspiring discussions at international events as a millennial thought leader. As an influencer online, I’m categorized as having influence in Soul and Culture.

University Instructor

As a University and College instructor, I’m a trained academic and educated in how to verify learning within my students. This part of my adventure is what inspired me to create the Academy on this website, which now guides 100+ students in how to use Astrology and Human Design to study their own lives. I’ve noticed many of us get frustrated when someone doesn’t understand what we’re communicating, saying it’s their fault for not knowing what we mean. But my experience with teaching young and mature adults has solidified my personal truth, that if someone does not understand what I am communicating, then it is my responsibility to figure out how to connect with them in a way that they understand. This has groomed me into being an expert in communications, digital studies, journalism and design.

Writer, Researcher, and Published Author

I’m a published author and award-winning journalist, having been published in numerous print and digital publications, including a wellness columnist for Cameron Diaz’s online publication, Our Body Book. My career began in journalism and magazine and moved into freelance writing, specializing in modern wellness. I’ve even published fiction alongside Stephen King, Anais Nin and Alice Munroe, and have poetry archived in the Manitoba Legislative Library preserving it in the permanent collection for all time. This is for research purposes for future generations, scholarly use and general public viewing.

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Let’s start now

Whether you need support and an energetic boost in your career, your relationships, your health or your spirituality, together we will design a system that explores your uniqueness and how to best work with it. To get a feel for my energy and my work, I want to invite you to calculate your Chiron Sign and listen to me interpret it for you. Chiron represents our Deepest Wound; the sacred wound we carry with us throughout life. Understanding it can shed light on our suffering and help us transcend it.

one-on-one coaching

Ready for one of your most transformative months yet?