Frequently asked questions about Chart Readings

chart FAQ


Can I still get a reading if I don’t know my birth time?

No. I do need to know your birth time in order to calculate your charts. Sometimes it can be hard to track down your birth time for various personal reasons. I have discovered an option: you can contact the Records Department of the hospital you were born, and get their mailing information. In written request you can ask to be sent your birth information including your specific birth time. A letter will be mailed back to you. In some cases, Records Departments do not keep birth information. I think this is wrong and they should. If we ask for this information we can make it more important information to obtain in our culture.

How specific does my birth time need to be?

Please resist the urge to round up your birth time. For example, some people tell me they’re born at 11:45PM, when in fact they were born at 11:38PM. Though this may seem insignificant, on the Human Design side of calculations, this can really alter some of the deeper aspects in your chart. Please do your best to get your EXACT birth time.

Should I enroll in the Academy or book a reading with you?

It depends. If you are busy, or tired, (or for any reason really) but want access to insight about your charts, booking a reading with me may be more effective. If you feel like you want to commit to understanding yourself by exploring various depths that I couldn’t cover in a reading, sinking deeper and deeper into yourself, enrolling is a better option for you. With enrollment, you also get access to all future and upcoming courses as they become available.

Will you do a Chart Reading for my kids?

Yes absolutely. I believe understanding our children’s charts is absolutely imperative to raising them without conditioning. If you are the legal guardian and know your child’s birth information, I absolutely calculate their charts. I offer a 10% discount for children charts (ages 0-16), with the promocode KIDDO. If you have more than one child, please contact me to discuss additional savings.

Do you do Group Readings?

No, not really. If there is a group of you who want readings, I am still required to calculate your charts, study them, and interpret them for you, while recording your reading and designing your Chart Booklet. There is nothing different than happens on my end if a couple of you want to learn this information, and so I don’t offer any type of Group Readings. I will offer in-person workshops for numerous people to understand their charts themselves, but this does not have me interpreting them individually.