Analyzing your Mental Fears

Mental Fears present as potential anxieties we feel within. The Ajna Centre is located in the head in your Human Design bodygraph, and it’s one of the three Awareness Centres in the body (the Emotional Solar Plexus and the Spleen are the other two). The Ajna Centre is the green triangle (when defined), and is the triangle in the head that points down.


Each of the Gates in the Ajna can connect to a Gate on the other side, either in the Head Centre or the Throat Centre. When there is a Gate activated in the Ajna Centre and the Gate on the other side of it is also activated (called a Channel), your fear has a consistent way of resolving itself. But when the Gate on the other side is not activated, your fear can be experienced in different ways, depending on the other energies/people you come into contact with. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, and sometimes it can be dormant within you.

It’s important to note that when we have an undefined energy centre - when an energy centre is not coloured - the activated Gates can naturally be dormant within us. It’s when we come into contact with other energies that we amplify their energy, and potentially activate and stimulate these Gates within. Have you ever met someone and they made you think about things or consider things you have never had to before? Your dormant Gates are being activated!

Undefined and open centres absorb energy and amplify them. But the energy in it is not consistent and does need to be nurtured and taken care of. It’s important to expel the excess energy absorbed in undefined and open energy centres so you can come back to yourself. If your Ajna is not defined, but you do have activated Gates within it, you don’t have a consistent way of resolving these anxieties, and meeting other people/energies may spark thoughts (or anxieties!) within you - something new to think about!

No Gates activates in your Ajna?
When an energy centre is totally open without any gates activates, it has the potential to mirror others around it. This makes it vulnerable to conditioning. An Open Ajna centre has the potential to adopt the Mental Fears and Anxieties of those around them.

The Six Mental Fears

Gate 4: fear of chaos
The Fear of Chaos really presents as needing to control. When things feel out of control it can cause a lot of mental anxiety for those with this Gate activated, rather than having chaos and spontaneity feel innately/naturally exciting. This fear expresses as doubt and uncertainty - you may fear not understanding something (feeling dumb) and not being unable to come up with or find a solution to something may be very anxiety-inducing for you. Not knowing what to do feels like chaos and can cause a lot of stress within. The positive potential with this Gate is the ability to logically breakdown complex situations, topics and difficult ideas, in order to understand it. It’s as if you can see a logical map through an otherwise challenging subject.

Gate 17: fear of challenge
The Fear of Challenge is an underlying current that exists within - that whatever you create or come up with or think will be challenged by someone else because you don’t have all the information. Have you missed a detail? Is there something you have overlooked? Can you ever really be certain? Because what if you have missed something and someone calls you on it? That potential challenge on the other side for what you may have missed (not that you necessarily have missed anything), can cause a lot of anxiety within. It’s important to know that even if you have covered all your potential bases, you may still fear that someone will challenge you. The positive aspect to this Gate is being able to deeply understand a variety of subjects, and be able to process your own opinion of the situation and then present it eloquently.

Gate 24: fear of ignorance
Fear of Ignorance is all about the inability to experience awareness. Incomprehension - of not being able to understand something. When this Gate is activated, there may be a fear of not being able to figure out the complexities and mysteries of our life - of the world - of everything. With the great ability to ponder the unknown, difficult questions may arise. But it’s important to recognize that this incredible thinking ability toward difficult subjects allows you to consider questions that others may not. And because not everyone else is thinking of these questions in the way you are, the natural reaction is to feel anxiety about the unknown and what you don’t know. Not being able to resolve something because you feel you “don’t know enough” can cause a lot of anxiety within.

Gate 43: fear of rejection
The Fear of Rejection is a doozy because we are a community-oriented species. Aren’t we supposed to fit in? And yet. And yet something inside makes you feel different than everyone else. This is Gate 43. There is a deep fear that the community won’t accept you for your authenticity - that you’re too different - too out there. And if you would actually be your true, unique self, others wouldn’t get you and you would be “cast out” of the community. It would feel so bad for you to be seen as an outsider or weirdo or too different. Weird. Freak. But you do experience the world in a unique way, and by sharing your perspective and by embracing the things that make you feel different has the potential to share and express in a new - maybe untraditional - way. Why do we have to do things by the book? Why do we have to follow suit? We don’t. And you don’t really want to. But you do. It’s a tough tango. It would be amazing if you could liberate yourself; aware that this fear exists within you - the Fear of Rejection and that what you think, create or do will be too different and not accepted by others - and allow your true uniqueness to be expressed, unfiltered.

Gate 47: fear of futility
Gate 47 is Gate that holds the fear of futility; I found this to be a mouthful - what is futility? It’s a sense of hopelessness or pointlessness to everything. The fear that our experiences are for nothing. Everything that happened is the past was for nothing making life unfulfilling and pointless. This Mental anxiety can make it hard to do anything or care deeply about things within the rest of the body, because the mind is so powerful. It thinks it rules to entire body and energy system. It does not. It distracts it. This Gate also carries the potential to make sense of everything that happened in the past - depending on the energies of those you interact with. You may be inspired by past experiences.

Gate 11: fear of darkness
What is darkness? It’s a void. An emptiness; a place without any light, inspiration, or ideas… The Fear of Darkness in Gate 11 isn’t necessarily a fear of the lights going out - unless those lights are spiritual rather than literal. The Fear of Darkness expresses as an anxiety over not being inspired enough - nothing to believe in - nothing to envision, hope for, or to ponder and marvel at. You need a specific type of mental stimulation to indulge your curious nature, and without something to stimulate you in this way, you could feel empty. Void. Dark. There is a very real fear of not being inspired, or not knowing what you believe in (which is not necessarily religion or spiritual leaning). The healthy potential of this Gate is that you are able to share your ideas, inspiration, beliefs and awareness with others.


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