How to interpret your Love Gates in your Design

Full warning: I’m a Libra, and I love Love. My own Human Design bodygraph suggests this, too! Let’s explore what your own bodygraph says are your activated Love Gates.


Understanding the Love Gates in Human Design requires us to table our romanticized and poetic understanding of what Love is. Love, from a Human Design perspective, is an energetic connection - a spark -that can potentially happen when two energetic beings interact. If two peoples’ individual energies flow together harmoniously, there may be a connection between them.

There are four Love Gates that exist within the G Centre in the Human Design bodygraph. I like to think of these Love Gates as the Big Love Gates. In Human Design, we say they’re transcendent; they’re so complex and evolved that they are god-like, or out of the range of our human perception. And yet we definitely feel them, especially if we come into contact with someone who has a defined G Centre with an activated Love Gate within it. Woof.

There are also seven Mundane Love Gates, that I like to refer to as Personal Love Gates. They’re sprinkled through the other energy centres in the body. Ra Uru Hu calls these Gates “mundane” because they’re concerned with personal love rather than the god-like Big Love of the Four Love Gates in the G Centre. When someone has the Personal Love Gates activated, they tend to exude an energy that makes others feel there is something very naturally loving about them. Personal Love Gates are looking for love with somebody else. When the Personal Love Gates are activated and connect to the Gate on the other side, there is an extremely powerful connection between the two people.

Let’s say you don’t have one of the four Big Love Gates activated, but you have the Gate on the other side of it this would make an energetic Channel — if you come into contact with someone who has the Big Love Gate activated on the other side of your Gate, this could make them feel so good to you energetically. Like ooey gooey good; you can’t get enough of them!

I often wonder if many of our “first loves” we experience have some kind of energetic connection such as this. Think back to your first love, or the one that “got away” - there was something about them that you were pulled to that it was almost painful to be separated from. Sounds like a Love Channel! Or maybe you were on the opposite end of that Channel, and someone couldn’t get enough of you!

The G Centre can be defined or undefined, and this changes the way the Love Gates feel within them.

For example, a defined G Centre (coloured in) with a Love Gate activated doesn’t expand on the energy flowing through it the way an undefined G Centre (not coloured) would. When an energy centre is undefined, it amplifies the energy that courses through it.

A defined G Centre with a Love Gate activated may not be as “charged up” from the potential electromagnetic connection on the other side. The same Love Gate activated in a person who has an undefined G Centre may feel a swelling of love (amplifying) when they connect with someone who has a Gate that connects to their Love Gate.

No Love Gates?
If you don’t have a Love Gate activated, look at what the four Big Love Gates can potentially connect to, to see which Love Gates can be activated within you.

The Four Big Love Gates

Gate 25: universal love
Universal Love is all about simply being loving within the universe; in every interaction, in every thought or idea or action — it doesn’t matter. What matters is being loving toward everything that exists. This isn’t necessarily a conscious thing within you (red lines in your bodygraph are unconscious; black lines are more conscious in your personality). The idea here is if something exists, it deserves some kind of love. Remember, this is BIG Love. It’s god-like, and hard for our human perception to fully grasp. If you have this activated, within you, it will feel like a quiet inner knowingness.

Gate 15: love of humanity
Love of Humanity is all about loving being human and everything it means to be human. The sensorial experiences; the things we can see, smell, taste, touch… This Gate is also encourages a specific vision for how human beings are supposed to treat one another and very generally how they should operate. Remember, this is BIG Love. It’s god-like. Having this Gate activated is all about loving the human body and spirit and essence; everything being human represents, and respecting what it means to be human. This can express in a variety of ways.

Gate 46: love of the body
Love of the Body is all about recognizing that absolutely every human body is beautiful, incredible, and sacred. This is regardless of what it actually physically looks like, or what our cultural conditioning tells us a beautiful body is. If it’s a body, it is sacred, and there is a deep inner knowing about this Body Respect when Gate 46 is activated. This Gate loves and respects every body in its uniqueness and glory — including it’s OWN body. I find those with this Gate also have a special connection to their own body in some way; that’s not necessarily positive (or negative) but trusting your body is particularly important for those with Gate 46, especially listening to what it needs over what your head may interject with. The G Centre is all about knowingness. Trust your body.

Gate 10: love of being alive*
Gate 10 is both a Big Love Gate and a Personal Love Gate! As a Big Love Gate, it’s all about loving being alive in this world. Gate 10 loves the world as it is, always remaining hopeful, and possessing a true love of LIFE itself. It carries an innate love for one-self. If the G Centre is defined, this innate love for oneself seems to be activated, but if the G Centre is undefined (not coloured in), this person will learn to love themselves through being loved by others and learning about themselves. And that is an important distinction and difference about this gate.

The Seven Personal Love Gates

Gate 10: self love through others (g centre)*
This is the only Gate that is both transcendent and mundane. When the G centre is undefined, this feels more like a Personal Love Gate, aimed at finding self-love through being loved by others and understanding the self. Usually, this is a life long process, deepening with maturity.

Gate 44: successful love (splenic centre)
Gate 44 has a love of talent! You’re charged up from innate skills - it’s housed in the spleen, and the spleen is all about fears, survival, instincts and intuition. Having a strong talent or skill bodes well for survival and success. Gate 44 is all about finding love through some type of material success, either with money or accolades. Since Gate 44 is located in the Splenic Centre, it’s also attached to one of the Seven Splenic Fears, which the Fear of the Past. This fear is buried deep within us, and it pushes us to survive despite fearing all that is wrong with the world. As a Love Gate it pushes to seek talent and success because to this individual that means survival.

Gate 40: earning love (heart centre)
Gate 40 is in the Heart centre and is all about finding love through work. A love of work! Loving work is important in this Gate, especially if it earns appreciation of some kind or helps to support other people in some manner. Being appreciated for their work makes the individual feel needed; loved. Making something of themselves is usually a priority and a bit of a pressure within!

Gate 58: perfecting love (root centre)

Gate 58 is located in the Root, and as a Love Gate it’s all about creating something or “giving birth” to something that is challenging, and requires constant finessing or “correcting”; constant tweaking. Constant enhancement. Working on it. Enhancing it. Making it better. Perfecting it. This Gate is all about the strength of love itself, in its evolution and tweaking. If you love something, you’ve got to work for it and work on it. It’s a constant process to be revisited and reevaluated. Love grows and changes!

Gate 41: dreams of love (root centre)
On the other side of the Root Centre, Gate 41 is all about finding love through fantasies and sexual experiences. It speaks to sexual connection and chemistry, and if this Gate connects to someone else’s Gate 30 in the Emotional Solar Plexus on the other side, you can only imagine the sexual intimacy and emotional connection and that can ignite between two people through this potent electromagnetic connection. When that happens, a strong sexual connection will feel like a special kind of love.

Gate 28: love with purpose (splenic centre)
Gate 28 is found in the Splenic Centre, the spleen being all about basic fears, survival, intuition and instinct, and it also connects with one of the Seven Splenic fears, which is the Fear of Death. As a Love Gate, Gate 28 is all about finding love by experiencing the struggle for purpose. As a Fear Gate, it’s what drives us to find a higher meaning in life! This pushes us to seek out our true purpose in life. It can have us wondering things like, why am I here? What is the point of all this?

Gate 55: eternally indecisive love (emotional solar plexus centre)

You know the song, “What is Love? Baby don’t hurt me; don’t hurt me…” That is such a Gate 55 thing I can’t even. Being located in the Emotional Solar Plexus Centre - another Awareness Centre (like the Spleen) that houses Emotional Fears - there is a fear attached to this Gate. The Solar Plexus is all about riding the emotional waves; the ups and downs, and this Love Gate doesn’t know if it loves or not because it doesn’t really know what love is. Love is mysterious. It’s an illusion. Do I love Love? WHAT is Love? Gate 55 is often associated with unrequited love - love that isn’t returned - or not knowing what to think of Love itself. Love is so complex and fascinating and this gate always seeks to understand it.


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