Good vs Bad Astrology Signs

You've heard it before: Geminis are two-faced! Scorpios are malicious! Capricorns are so hardheaded! Aries are so self-centred! It seems almost every sign has a bad reputation, and some worse than others. It's important to understand the healthy and unhealthy sides of each sign in order to understand the full depth of each zodiac because there is no true bad sign or good sign, only variations.


Good vs Bad

I get it; a bad break up can RUIN a sign for you. A vicious BFF can have you swearing off Fire Signs forever. But rather than write off your future friendships and relationships based on a previous zodiac experience, try to remind yourself that a person's Sun Sign is the current journey they're on, and what they're here to figure out and learn. Oftentimes, a Sun Sign can tip toe into an unhealthy state, simply as part of the journey in figuring out what they're here to learn.

If you find yourself having a pattern with a particular sign, try to reflect if they're operating in a healthy or unhealthy state, or if YOU are operating in a healthy or unhealthy state. Sometimes our own unhealthy state can make us feel extreme resistance with another sign that IS in a healthy state. And depending on your Element Sign in your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign, you could find yourself always clashing with an opposing element.

For example: Are you a Fire Sign? Do you clash with Water Signs? Remember: Fire and Water can make STEAM. That can be a pro or a con! Your perspective will really change what STEAM can mean.

There is no sign that is better than the other, especially as we continue to understand we are an awesome recipe of signs, all mixed together. One Sign is only one facet of your personality.

Below is a list of healthy and unhealthy characteristics of the 12 signs; try scanning your own Sun Sign, and then your Moon Sign and Rising Sign, to see if you can recognize any patterns in yourself, or those around you.

Zodiac Signs and their healthy and unhealthy states

motivated and motivational, driven, passionate, inspiring, doer, initiator
Unhealthy: vicious, self-centred, bulldozing, workaholic, too intense, insensitive, explosive

comforting, in-the-know, loving, sensual, ritualistic, loves their "things"
Unhealthy: self-centred, stubborn, gossipy, hurtful, resistant to change, hoarding tendencies (can't let go)

Healthy: conversational, friendly, social, clever, alert, thoughtful, easy to get along with
Unhealthy: changeable, non-committal, gossipy, not very deep or sensitive, careless

Healthy: nurturing, loving, sensitive, deep, compassionate, caring
Unhealthy: over-emotional, insensitive, non-committal, overwhelmed, taken advantage of

confident, natural leader, positive, sunny, encouraging, motivated and motivational
Unhealthy: insecure, proud, think the world revolves around them, unrealistic, self-indulgent

Healthy: sensual, hardworking, practical, organized, comforting, even keeled
Unhealthy: perfectionist, proud, rigid, close-minded, stuck in their ways, terrified to screw up 

Healthy: conversational, fair, charming, witty, friendly, thoughtful, everyone's BFF, magnetic
Unhealthy: indecisive, flighty, wishy-washy, changeable, fair to a fault, lazy, self-sacrificing, manipulative

Healthy: deep, mysterious, sexual, loving, compassionate, expressive, deeply caring
Unhealthy: hurtful, intense, over-emotional, changeable, vindictive, malicious, come on strong

Healthy: has a "sparkle" about them, magnetic, adventurous, charming, good sense of humour
Unhealthy: pushes too far/hard, hurts for the sake of truth, dramatic, starts shit, impatient, overcommits

hardworking, grounded, smart, sensual, calculating, natural manager, capable
Unhealthy: cold, materialistic, cuts people out, judgemental, controlling, workaholic

charming, funny, thoughtful, witty, connects with others effortlessly, finds common ground
Unhealthy:  know-it-all, close-minded, untameable, detached from emotions, eccentric

extremely loving, light and creative, dreamers, sensitive to others, empathetic
Unhealthy: plays the victim, lazy, whiny, pushover, alllll in on love with mismatched people, emotional, needy


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