Grasping your Emotional Fears

When we talk about feelings or emotions, we usually associate them with the heart. In Human Design, our emotions aren’t housed in the Heart Centre; they hang out in the Emotional Solar Plexus! The Heart rules our ego and our willpower — an individual with defined Heart Centre has serious conviction! — it’s the Emotional Solar Plexus that rules our feelings. Half the population has a defined Emotional Solar Plexus, and as soon as this Energy Centre is defined, it becomes the Inner Authority. It’s THAT powerful.


The Emotional Solar Plexus is one of the three Awareness Centres in the body (the Spleen and the Ajna are the other two). The Awareness Centres also house some of our fears. Our Emotional Fears hangout in the Solar Plexus, and we can understand the emotional stress and fear we may tend to feel by observing what gates are activated there.

When the Emotional Solar Plexus is defined (coloured in), this person carries emotional energy with them at all times. They experience emotional highs and lows, and tend to ride these emotional waves in order to understand how they feel about a particular situation or circumstance.

When it is undefined (or open), these individuals amplify the emotional energy around them. When they are alone, they are usually quite calm. It is other people’s emotional energy that affects them. They amplify the emotional energy of others (they’re empathic!) and may even feel another person’s pain. They need to do their best to filter this excess energy out of their energy system by spending some time alone.

Look to your own human design bodygraph to identify if any of the gates below are activated for you. When you have Gates activates in the Emotional Solar Plexus, they can present as nervousness within the body.

Totally Open Emotional Solar Plexus?
If there are no gates activates in your Emotional Solar Plexus, does that mean you have no emotional fears? Fearless! Right? In theory, if you’re energetically clear that could be true. But Open Energy Centres are vulnerable to conditioning and they can mirror back the Emotional Solar Plexus energy of those around them. With a totally open Emotional Solar Plexus, you’re designed to absorb the Emotional Fears of those around you, and adopt them as your own fears. This is conditioning and could be tough.

The Seven Emotional Fears

Gate 36: fear of inadequacy
Gate 36 can express as, am I good enough? When you’ve never tried something before, mistakes are bound to happen. But Gate 36 is determined to turn their inexperience into experience. You’re drawn to new things - new energetic exchanges, excitement, change, growth - anything new. But there may be a deep nervousness and fear within you around feeling inadequate in some way; sexually, emotionally, in your capabilities, etc. But you are here to experience new things, just make sure those new things are with others. The key to enhancing your experience is by experiencing with others. Not alone.

Gate 22: fear of not growing
Gate 22 has a gracefulness and a spotlight about it. It carries the special ability to deeply pay attention to things that matter, and to simultaneously have others pay attention to you and what you feel. (This gate can connect to the throat for the powerful ability to speak/express what you feel.) You can inspire those around you to be more open and to be more socially expressive with you. But there is an underlying fear that others may not listen to you; that you may not have anything effective or important to say. Can you move people? Does what you have to say actually matter? This may express as a fear of silence and a fear of not growing from all you are able to pay attention to. You may have high expectations, but it is important to remember that goals are a fabrication, and it is the journey itself where growth happens. It’s THIS that inspires those around you.

Gate 37: fear of tradition
This potent gate can be prone to moodiness.
The Solar Plexus houses our emotions after all! Gate 37 is social and affectionate; it’s connected to Family and Intimate Friendships. But it may express as nervousness to adopt the roles of the family/soul circle or “social norms”. Who will carry out the family legacy? Who will fill this role in the family/friend circle? Do I have to act a certain way to fit in? I have to do this just because it’s the way we’ve always done things? Why? There is a fear of tradition and following the status quo with this gate. Who will take care of everyone? Who will not? Is there a reluctance and fear to carry out the traditions of your family, culture or community?

Gate 6: fear of intimacy
This is an extremely powerful gate to have activated. It expresses as a nervousness within that can have you shy away from experiences that ask you to be open, vulnerable and intimate with others. It can be hard to be intimate when you have this gate activated! You may be cautious or even discriminating when it comes to social and sexual intimacy with others. The Emotional Solar Plexus is all about riding the emotional waves until you attain clarity, and letting another aura behind your walls will require riding the waves until clarity is achieved.

Gate 49: fear of rejection
Gate 49 experiences nervousness around not being accepted. Unpredictable circumstances or situations, even spontaneity, can cause stress and anxiety for those with this gate activated. It’s rooted in connecting to the deep needs of the community around you, and what is best for them. What is best for my people? Does this serve them? Does it benefit my people? Do I immediately accept this new idea/situation or do I reject it? This expresses as a fear of rejection that others may not accept you if you deviate from what is best for those around you.

Gate 55: fear of emptiness
This is the most erratic gate in the Emotional Solar Plexus. There is either a deeply intense emotional self present… or an extreme lack (everything in Human Design operated on a spectrum/polarity). Extreme awareness, or not. This gate is so intense it may evoke nervousness around not feeling certain about what is important; what actually needs your focus and attention? What should you feel passionate about? What matters? The fear of emptiness - like there isn’t any point to all of this - is very real within this gate. This vulnerable gate needs to be aware of what they are feeling and never do something unless they are in the mood.

Gate 30: fear of fate
This is a deep gate matched with a lot of fantasizing. Gate 30 expresses as the fear of what may or may not happen. With this gate, it’s important to experience all of what life has to offer — but with an openness! Do your best to release your expectations and control of what could or could not happen. It’s important to embrace what you can’t control, and to surrender. When you do this, life flows with you, rather than against you. You have the powerful ability to feel things deeply, and you may sometimes fantasize about big ideas and hopes and dreams, with a certain expectation attached to them. Release your expectations. They could actually be limiting.


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