Interpreting the elements in your natal chart

Do you know what phase of the element journey you fall in?

Each of the 12 zodiac signs falls in one of four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Each of these elements has specific characteristics that influence your personality, how you react, and even what you're here to learn. Depending where these elements fall in your birth chart, you can discover a lot of insight and self-knowledge to better understand your personal navigation through the world.

We all want to know why we are here! We all want to understand our personal missions and lessons. Unfortunately, the outside world can influence us and groom us in a way that doesn't fit with how we are designed. When we understand ourselves, we give ourselves permission to be how we are. We feel a sense of acceptance and clarity, and this can get us "back on path" for what we are here to learn, through the lens of how we're designed.

What works for me in this life may not work for you, and that's really important to understand. We each have to find "what works for us" as individual people, and once we find that, understand it, and accept it, our lives can really transform.

Understanding the element journey can help you understand what you are here to experience, and where your soul is at on the evolutionary journey of your particular elemental sign. 

Most importantly, you are NOT one zodiac sign. I can completely appreciate the taboos or reluctance around astrology, but I think the misconceptions are rooted in people who "read headlines" and not "the entire article". You aren't JUST your sun sign; you're actually a bunch of signs.


Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Drive, ambition, motivation, confidence, pride, boundaries

Fire signs are passionate. They often feel a pressure or "heat" to do something with their careers, relationships, or lives in general. They can light a fire under people/subjects/places, either through motivation, boundary pushing/teasing, or even with sheer force! They've often got a little "spark" about them. They're often ambitious, and if they're not fulfilling whatever their ambition is (work, play, love) they can get a little irritable. Sometimes they can struggle with anger, confidence or even setting healthy boundaries.

Depending where this element falls in your birth chart (sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, etc), it can shed a lot of light on how you react and feel in that specific area.

For example, if you have a fire sign in your sun sign, a part of what you'll be here to learn is how to properly fuel your passionate side. Are you here to push boundaries? Are you here to inspire and achieve? Are you here to lead? If a fire sign falls in your moon sign, you may feel a secret pressure, or you may not show everyone how ambitious you are. You could even be secretly pretty confident (healthy) or insecure (unhealthy), regardless of how you present to the world. And if a fire sign is in your rising sign, you may come off quite bold, loud, fun, or confident, regardless of whether you really are. You could be too intense sometimes, too, burning people whether you mean to or not.

And to take it a little more in depth: if you have a fire sign in your Venus (love), you may be a proud, intense, dramatic, or passionate lover. Maybe even a little idealistic. You may also like to do things your own way!


Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Comforting, sensual, loyal, stubborn, grounded, perfectionists, masterful

Earth signs are all about creating a solid foundation in their lives. They love their creature comforts, whether that's a slow morning coffee, a good show, keeping their friends close, staying in a reliable job or relationship, or having nice "things" in their home. In fact, they're a lot about "the home" whether that's their physical environment, their job, or even their bodies (they'll usually focus on one of these areas). They can be stubborn, but that's because they "like what they like" and they don't like to be uprooted (or change very much if they're unhealthy). They really just want to feel good, and make others feel good. They can be perfectionists, quite sensual, and deeply loyal.

If you have an earth sign in your sun sign, a part of what you'll be here to learn is how to properly build your foundation, but even more important than that will be to figure out what makes you feel safe and secure. Is it really your job? Is it really your home? Is it really your career? If an earth sign falls in your moon sign, you may be able to make others feel super comfortable, cozy or safe in your presence. Sure, you may be "earthy" but you probably have the slow, even stamina to build the things you want. And if an earth sign is in your rising sign, you may come off secure, "together", warm and comforting.

And to take it a little more in depth: if you have an earth sign in your Mercury (communication, thoughts), you may be practical, even cautious at times, realistic, grounded and calm, especially in the way you communicate with others.


Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

keen, charming, friendly, thoughtful, intelligent, quick-witted, indecisive

Air signs are the thinkers and communicators of the zodiac. Their minds are often running constantly. They're here to question things, ask the hard questions, and to learn how to effectively communicate. They're usually good talkers, or quick thinkers, and their minds are often a complex whirl of thoughts. Their finesse with words usually makes them pretty charming. They may have a knack for studying, love learning, or love expressing themselves in some manner (writing, singing - communicating).

If you have an air sign in your sun sign, a part of what you'll be here to learn is how to effectively gather information, communicate, and how to decide what YOU think about specific subjects, and how to effectively convey that information to others. If an air sign falls in your moon sign, your secret superpower will be your keen ability to think things through, and ask the important questions. You may secretively think all the time, regardless of whether people know your mind is always racing. You may have a special way that you communicate! And if an air sign is in your rising sign, you probably come off super charming, smart, social, and make a lot of people feel like they have a special connection with you.

And to take it a little more in depth: if you have an air sign in your Mars (anger, desire), you may be a someone who bickers intellectually, always talking through disagreements. And since this is your planet of desire or passion, air signs in Mars may show you have many desires and interests or areas of study that interest you.


Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

sensitive, emotional, deep, loving, caring, sexual, cranky, depressive

The water signs are the feelers of the zodiac. They are all about emotion! They're here to understand emotions; how we feel, how others feel, how the world feels - you name it. They're usually quite deep, whether we know this about them or not (depending where the water sign falls in their chart). They are sensitive, sometimes dreamy, maybe a little cranky or emotional when unhealthy, but really amazing healers. Water can drown us, and it can nurture and heal us, and water signs will have both of these potentials. They usually feel things intensely.

If you have a water sign in your sun sign, a part of what you'll be here to understand what you feel (stage 1), understand how your loved ones feel (stage 2), or what others, the world, society feels (stage 3... see below). If a water sign falls in your moon sign, you may be quite deep with your feelings. You feel things intensely whether others know this about you or not, and you may be secretly emotional at times. You may have a lot of love to give, too. And if a water sign is in your rising sign, you may come off emotional, sensitive, dreamy or intense. It will depend if you are presenting in a healthy or unhealthy manner.

And to take it a little more in depth: if you have a water sign in your Venus (love), you may seek out deep connections in love and romance, or go out of your way to make sure your lover feels loved and cared for. They often have emotional relationships/connect on an emotional level.