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Encouraging you through Astrology and Human Design by Vaness Henry



Helpful articles to inspire you to become more curious about your own energy

Learn your natal chart with Vaness Henry

natal charts

Opening up your astro birth chart? Explore these three planets in your chart first.

Decoding astrology jargon with Vaness Henry

astro jargon

Wondering what square, conjunct, opposition, semi-sextile and other terms mean? Check out this guide.

What are your seven basic fears? The Splenic Centre in Human Design, by Vaness Henry

seven splenic fears

What are your deep fears? Decode your fears in your Human Design chart and how they influence your reality.

Are you Moon Sensitive? Astrology by Vaness henry

moon sensitivity

Are you moon sensitive? Look for these six cues to recognize when you’re being influenced by the moon.

What Love Gates are activated in your Human Design? by Vaness Henry

the four love gates

What are your Big Love Gates? Check out your activated Love Gates throughout your whole energy system.

Mercury Retrograde, Astrology by Vaness Henry

mercury retrograde

Feeling fear around Mercury Rx? Learn how to effectively navigate Mercury by learning its true power.

Good vs bad zodiac signs, Astrology with Vaness Henry

good vs bad signs

Wondering if some signs are better than others? Learn the healthy and unhealthy aspects of the entire zodiac.

Elements of the Zodiac, Astrology with Vaness Henry

four elements

What is the primary element in your birth chart? Decode the element journey in your natal chart.

What are your Emotional Fears? The Emotional Solar Plexus in Human Design, by Vaness Henry

emotional fears

What causes you anguish? Decode the seven emotional fears in the Human Design bodygraph.

What are your Mental Fears? Decode the anxieties in the Ajna Centre, Human Design with Vaness Henry

six mental fears

What causes you anxiety? Decode your mental fears in your Human Design chart and how they influence you.

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 Your explanations and descriptions about the different aspects of HD and astrology are so clear. And with astrology, you provided me with a fresh perspective of looking at planets and houses, especially with my Venus in Virgo. Also, your voice is so lovely to listen to!!

Tiffany, Cancer Generator