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Astrology and Human Design online school and mentorship



Enroll in The Academy to hold hands through exploring your personal charts

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 Thank you. Thank you for leading me to the path that led me to my soul and helped me find my voice. Because of you, this journey I’ve been on has been the greatest of my life. And it’s a journey I’m taking alone and I’m OK with that. I’m learning more about me than I ever have and man, I am awesome! Haha. Because of this, I know that if ever and whenever I fall in love again - I will know myself first… and know how great of a person I am. So, if I were to ever lose someone again… I know I will never lose myself. Thank you Vaness… for all you do. Thank you for being you.

- Charlene, Cancer Manifestor



your energy

Do you want to begin to intimately understand yourself? Do you want to understand why you are the way you are, why you like what you like, and how you can capitalize on your strengths?

Do you want to know WHO you are?

I want to welcome you to my Astrology and Human Design Academy; a digital self-study school with an ever-growing collection of Astrology and Human Design audio courses designed to reconnect you to your highest potential. Learn how to understand your Moon Sign, Chiron Sign, North Nodes, Human Design Authority, Dietary Regimen, Environment, and more. With my experience as a writer, researcher, university instructor, and over a decade of being a digital entrepreneur, I’ve designed a syllabus to help you understand these concepts in a practical and easy to navigate way. Not only does the Academy help you understand your uniqueness, it also supports you in feeling empowered and in control.

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What is Astrology

& Human Design?

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This philosophical study of the cosmos and universe has been a favourite of some of the most brilliant minds of our time.

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This complex fusion of five modalities guides us through calculations to reveal how to best use our unique energy.

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For this work, you’re the subject matter! We base all this information on specific details about you, as calculated from your birth.



How it works


Each course in The Academy is delivered through customized audios. From the very beginning, I hold your hand through your Sun Sign and Human Design Type, and all the way into the belly of your psyche. I think it’s so valuable for you to hear my voice rather than read about these concepts. I want you to HEAR how I’m delivering this content so you can feel my energy as a Libra Ego-Manifestor, and feel like you’re in one of my university or college classes.

There are over 350 minutes of Astrology audios and over 350 minutes of Human Design audios to support you in developing personal awareness and self-understanding through mindful listening.

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step one

Becoming a student is super easy: gather your birth information for charting, and click the button below to enroll

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step two

Once enrolled, log-in to the academy homebase for immediate access to all content and future content as it becomes available

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step three

Listen to audios
Calculate your personal charts, and immediately begin listening to customized audios about your unique energy

Astrology and Human Design with Vaness Henry

step four

Stay connected
Check your inbox to receive monthly cosmic reports from me, and read and comment in the community forums



A lot of what I need to do to get unstuck, I knew already but didn’t want to listen… or do the work. Now I know I need to. You have such a soothing and reassuring voice, I was sad when my reading ended, haha! I feel very comfortable around you - or your voice. Its one thing to read the information about the birth chart and the human design chart, but its refreshing and encouraging to hear it from someone like yourself. Thank you!

- Michelle, Capricorn Generator




Here’s a sneak peak of some of the audio courses inside the academy. With more than 350 mins of Astrology audios, and more than 350 mins of Human Design audios, and new courses entering the Academy each month.

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Moon Sign Course, Astrology with Vaness Henry


Moon Sign

Decode your emotional landscape

Your Essence Course, learning your Human Design type with Vaness Henry


Design Type

How to understand and work with your mechanics

Inner Navigation System Course, Human Design with Vaness Henry



How to work with your inner authority

Chiron Course, Astrology with Vaness Henry



See your Deepest Wound and learn how to heal it

North Node Course, Astrology with Vaness Henry


The Nodes

Analyze your common thread life theme

Environments Course, Human Design with Vaness Henry



Learn your best energetic place to thrive

Detangling Course, Human Design with Vaness Henry



How to work through your conditioning

Saturn Return Course, Astrology with Vaness Henry



Analyze Your Great Life Lesson


…with even more courses inside!



Holy freaking FUCK. Thank you so so much. You’re such a gift in my life right now. Your work matters so much. You’ve reaffirmed a lot of what I’ve been feeling, questioning and grappling with. All of what you said feels real, urgent and true for me. This reading from you is coming to me at exactly the right time in exactly the right way. This reading scares me, but also lights a huge fire under my ass.

- Larysa, Aquarian Projector 



Get Started

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To enroll in The Academy and have the most accurate results possible, you’ll need to know your date of birth.


* Important *
You’ll also need to know the exact time you were born, while being mindful of am and pm times.


You’ll also need the city you were born in, or the nearest large city if you were born somewhere with a small population.




Enrollment in the Academy is a monthly commitment to connect with me, study yourself with support, and connect to the pulse of the universe. While logged in to the Academy, you have instant access to all Course Audios and instant access to all new courses as they become available each month. Begin learning about your evolution, your highest potential and your unique energetic mechanic, so we can figure out who you are in the eyes of the universe. You can connect and learn from others, and stay in the rhythm of the cosmos. Or try flying solo and indulge in some solitary self work.


$25.00 USD / MONTH
monthly payment commitment for one year


All sales are final. No refunds or cancellation of plans will be processed.
By enrolling you agree to commit to your selected package to access all content instantly.