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about vaness

I’m a Libra Manifestor - designed for balance and impact. My professional career began in journalism and art direction, and then deepened into publishing literary works, motivational speaking and advocacy, and moving into teaching at the University of Winnipeg and Red River College. I’m able to deliver self-awareness studies with precision thanks to my background in storytelling, teaching and being an Ego (heart) Authority Manifestor. After a complex childhood of losing a parent to cancer and also suffering through a childhood cancer diagnosis, I became absorbed in the study of energetics and how to intimately contemplate the relationship between body and consciousness. I have woven this study within each of my careers, continuously analyzing and understanding, but ultimately succumbing to the poetry and healing within it.

You can find my stories and poetry in bookstores, and in the Manitoba Legislative Library’s Rare and Heritage Collections. Published under the nom de plume Van Kunder. Find me on instagram @vanesshenry.


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